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Write Great Songs and Get Them Sold!
Deedee O’Malley’s
Songwriting Boot Camp!

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“10 Easy Steps to Writing a Song!”
The greatest songwriting interactive manual in the world.

An autographed Deedee O'Malley CD of your choice!

20 people will learn and drill several amazing exercises designed to have you writing immediately!!

Each team will leave the workshop with at least one song written and recorded at a local studio!

Call Deedee to Reserve Your Seat TODAY!

(818) 279-4414

"Deedee's songwriting seminar gave me the exact information I needed to start writing. The information wasn't full of fluff or overly technical - it was comprised of fundamentals, delivered in a straightforward, simple format that left me inspired and able to write."
Tina Michelle, Country Singer/Songwriter

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“This workshop has the power to rehabilitate an artist at any level of success”
Billy Sheehan
Bass God & Award Winning Songwriter

“This proved to be the greatest thing I have done for myself as a musician.”
Jose Reyes
Latin Recording Artist

"I really feel like a big cloud of confusion has just blown away and I can now write a song to communicate anything I feel.”
Nancy Tucker
Country Recording Artist

"When a GREAT songwriter and teach such as Deedee is willing to pass the torch, I advise you to take it and run!"

John Novello
Pianist, Composer, Author & Educator

Publications Recommend Her

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"O'Malley's revolutionary songwriting approach incorporates a “Ten Easy Step” process which has been honed by years of composing and performing..  O'Malley has taught
songwriting at USC and has lectured in hundreds of Southern California high schools, as well as internationally, on the art of songwriting. For 15 years she has been one of L.A.’s TOP songwriting instructors, conducting  both private sessions and workshops.”

Jonathan Widran
Music Connection Magazine

Professionals Recommend Her

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"Deedee has much to convey that will expand any songwriter’s consciousness."

Geoff Levin

Composer & Songwriter of over 50 songs in feature films, music in over 190 Emmy Award Winning Shows, & Charted on Billboard.


”Deedee is a truly enlightening teacher.”
GRP Recording Artist

Past Students Recommend Her

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“I feel freed from barriers in writing music and that opens all kinds of flood gates to higher goals
in my music. You have
helped me find my true voice.”

Elizabeth Wheeler

“Deedee’s class gave me the
sense and ability to go back over
previously written songs,
pare away, and get at the
true essence of my
Scott Stewart